Kiara Belen: America's Next Top Model Cycle 20

I have always been of the impression that fashion is an incredibly personal art, because what I deem fashionable may not be the same for the next person. Especially these days when everyone is working so hard to be different, trying so hard to look more different from the next person that we almost all look the same.

Having the right of self-expression also entails the responsibility of respecting others. The ways in which we dress may deeply offend people. So, as much as my fashion is my decision, I also have to take into consideration how others will recieve it.

Despite this, I encourage individuality, I think that fashion is a platform on which we are permitted to self-express. Our body, if fashion is to be viewed as an art form, is the canvas on which we paste our inner-most “selves”. Our moods are often reflected in our fashion choices. Because of this, even though I, myself do tend to follow the trends, I believe that just because you choose not to follow trends, it doesn’t make you unfashionable. I don’t think that fashion trends are developed with regards to all body types. Therefore, if you don’t feel like you can rock the mini-skirt, then don’t. Find something else you like within the trends that you feel comfortable in.

Remember; your body, your canvas. Your canvas, your art.

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