Fashion Week: Celebrating 70 Years of Fashion

New York Fashion Week 2013 Spring-Summer

New York Fashion Week 2013 Spring-Summer

February saw the largest event of the fashion world take place in the biggest fashion capitals of the world. Fashion Week 2013 showcased the best of the best as the fashion powerhouses of the world graced the catwalk with their Spring collections.

The bi-annual event is held in many cities but the most prominent “Fashion Weeks” are held in the fashion capitals of the world: London, Paris, Milan and New York. The event is presented as a series of runway shows, spanning the space of a week. The event takes place for interested buyers and, perhaps most importantly, as a means of communicating the trends of the season. For each city involved, a Fashion Week takes place. As mentioned before, the fashion capitals are the major hosts of the renowned event but other cities worldwide also host the event. Other cities involved include Copenhagen, Johannesburg and Tokyo. During Fashion Week, fashion designers or houses present a runway show in which their collection is exhibited. Many designers like to think of their fashion as art, and like an art exhibition, Fashion Week is the largest and best possible platform on which the designers can present their art.

Fashion week is usually held in advance of the upcoming season. This allows the media and buyers chance to preview, critique and purchase the designs for the following season. Fashion Week is also used as a platform by the larger and renowned fashion designers in which they showcase their latest innovations in clothing designs. All the different collections viewed at the event are usually covered by many fashion magazines and some newspapers. While the more avant-garde design sare covered in high fashion magazines like Vogue. As with all art, fashion is susceptible to critique. As well as being the highest platform a designer has to showcase their art, Fashion Week is also the platform on which designers are made famous.

The very first fashion week was held in 1943 in New York City, in the United States. The event was meant to distract from French fashion during the Second World War. Workers in the fashion industry were unable to travel to Paris as it was war-time. The designer Eleanor Lambert, a central figure in American fashion, organised what she called “Press Week.” Its purpose was to showcase American designers to Fashion Journalists. American designers had, before this, been ignored as it was widely perceived that they drew on the French for inspiration. Lambert’s “Press Week” was a success, so much that Vogue, a magazine that had previously only had french designers on its pages, diversified and included the Americans.

Fashion Week has gone on to become the biggest fashion event in the world.

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Stars Shine at the Oscars

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The 85th Annual Academy Awards took place on the 24th of February at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. This year’s event earned its highest viewership with 42.40 million viewers since the 76th Annual Academy Awards in 2004. Arguably the most prestigious award screen actors and actresses can receive, all those present dressed for the part; in gowns and tuxedos from the biggest names in fashion.

The Academy Awards, widely known as the Oscars, are an annual event wherein all those involved in the process of filmmaking, from the director to the costume designer, have their hard work recognized in the form of an award. Hosted by Seth Macfarlane, it was the most watched ceremony since 2004.

Fashion is a very large part of the Oscars experience but the reason the event takes place is for the recognition of outstanding talent in film the year before. Jennifer Lawrence, for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, won the best actress award. Best actor was awarded to Daniel Day-Lewis for his role in Lincoln. Argo, directed by Ben Affleck won the award for Best Picture. Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) and Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained) won Best Supporting Role.

The Oscars have always been a fashion platform. The E! Network, as with every awards show, runs a Fashion Police segment on the event, and the presenters of the show get to choose who was the best or worst dressed that night. This year’s Oscar special was hosted by Giuliana Rancic, an E! Presenter and Fashion Police panelist. Together with fellow E! Presenters Robbie Laughlin and Alicia Quarles they rated stars from their favourite looks of the night to the worst.

There were three actresses chosen as the best dressed. Jennifer Lawrence was in a Dior Haute Couture gown designed by Raf Simons. Critique from the presenters, was that the dress matched her skin tone. There wasn’t much contrast to her look. Halle Berry was in a Bond-girl inspired Versace dress. The only critique the panel had was that her hairstyle needed to change. Dressed in Giorgio Armani, Naomi Watts, the third of the best dressed, was liked the most by all the presenters for her daring choice.

Three actresses were chosen as the worst dressed of the night. The first, Anne Hathaway, was dressed in a Prada dress the presenters thought was “shapeless.” Robbie Laughlin thought Jennifer Garner in a Gucci gown was “dressed like barney” and that, like Anne Hathaway’s dress, it was boring and shapeless. All of the presenters agreed that although Kristen Stewart, in a Reem Acra gown, was in a “pretty dress” she did not look the part. All the effort that seemed to have been put towards her appearance was the choice of her dress and nothing else.

Andre Leon Talley, former editor-at-large of American Vogue Magazine thought the fashion this year, “one of the dullest… moments of the history of the Oscars.” He believes that there is less self-expression from the actresses as they are controlled by stylists, and that makes them “feel safe in a strapless dress with a train that is unnecessary.” As Kristen Stewart shows, this is very much the case.

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